Wireless or wired turntable?


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I am looking to purchase a turntable and looking for some advice please.
I currently have a Sonos Arc and two Sonos one SL's as rears working off my TV. I also have a pair on B&W DM601 S3's from a previous set up which currently I am not using.
Should I go for a Wireless type Turntable to connect to the Sonos? If so what would you recommend? Or alternatively buy an amp and turntable as a wholly separate system with my B&W's?


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Stay as analogue as you can in your connections, any switch to digital will degrade the quality.

Although whether you can hear a difference will largely depend on the quality of the rest of your kit.

IMO, sonos is jumping on the vinyl bandwagon and dont particularly give a stuff about the audio quality.


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As you are already invested into the Sonos family, you could utilise both options with the Sonos Connect Amp.

Depending upon the turntable, you may need to purchase a phono stage which will have to sit between the connect and turntable to output the correct signal

The Connect should have enough power to drive your speakers whilst also enabling you to integrate into your Sonos products


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It depends what you are looking for from a turntable. If it’s all about quality of sound, it will need to be wired through a quality amp and a phono stage. Bluetooth turntables’ are no doubt very convenient, especially if connecting to a digital all in one system, but I doubt the performance will match a wired turntable.

My hifi has never been integrated with a vision set up, I keep them totally separate.


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All Blu tooth is lossy.
Blu Tooth will connect using one of many bandwidth limited modes.
From best to worst , LDAC , Aptx HD , Aptx , AAC , SBC ..... and all of them are lossy to some extent and throw away from 25% to 75% of the content.

The reason most are willing to invest in a turntable and put up with the quirks and pitfalls of this old analog system is because of the full spectrum analog sound experience that can be achieved , and with some pre digital content , this can be quite something.
( Led Zeppelin for example , there are no digital versions of their albums that are as good as the original analog LPs. )

So using Blu Tooth with a turntable is a nonsense , its one step forward and 10 steps back.

Blu Tooth has its place , hands free phone calls , streamed music whilst exercising or running and with no wires to bother you or get snagged up in etc. It is genuinely useful sometimes.

It has no place on a turntable.
All the benefits of a turntable are thrown away if you use blu tooth.
You should always use a turntable wired , and analog all the way through.

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