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I have had 3 access points, a draytek wireless modem/router and two netgear wireless modem/routers and all have suffered with the more or less the same problem, they work for a while, a few weeks or months and then the wireless part fails to connect.

The netgear is the latest its a dg834g, it was three months old and worked fine for the first three months and then the wireless connection became worse and completly fails to connect, its seen as available by windows connection manager but still wont connect, I doubt its my laptop card as my wifi pda reacts the same.

The 834g was replaced today by netgear, (they send out a replacement and you then send the old one back:smashin: ) and it worked fine with the laptop and the pda for about 15 minutes and then neither will connect.

I'm now at the point where I'm wondering what might be causing this and beginning to doubt it being "bad luck":confused:

Any ideas chaps?

Any other forums where this type of problem could be discussed?

Could it be a virus in my network affecting the router:- grasping at straws maybe??:confused:

Any ideas appreciated.


Description of the problem is quite vague,
can be 100000 different things:

- Check if power saving mode is enabled, if so, disable it.
- Check if accidentaly you havent switched between Ad hod / infrastructure mode. If so, put it back to whatever you have choosen.
(infrastructure I think)
- Check if DHCP is running properly on your router, failure in the DCHP will "hide" some clients that are fine.
- Could be that your card is one of the few (or many) that seems to "work for a while then loose the signal all of suddently", if so, bad luck.

I go on forever I think but check this first and try to debug it properly, try to get a pattern where\when is does crash.



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Power saving is disabled.

Its definitly in infrastructure mode.

DHCP is working fine for the wired clients but I have also used static ips and it has the same effect.

The pcmcia laptop card was new with the router as it was 54g but the 11b old one is still working happily on a mates network. If it was just the laptop I'd suspect tyhe card but the fact that the PPC has the same symtons at the same time I trhink its doubtful.

No encryption enabled, no mac addresses blocked.


Have you tried changing the default channel on the Access Point?

Microwave ovens and DECT phones can cause inteference in the 2.4Ghz range. It's a long shot but switching channels may help.

Assuming that the laptop is running XP then what does the signal strength indicator say

a) When it's working?
b) When it's not?

Once it's stopped working is that it or can you get it working again by power cycling the access point or the laptop?


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I have just got the 834G myself, and have found that the forums at adslguide.org.uk are useful.

Are you running the latest firmware on the router? (1.04.01 I think)


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Well I reset the channel and after a quick rescan the laptop and the pda both connected to the AP:thumbsup: For about 5 minutes before automatically starting to resacn because they lost connection.:thumbsdow

I was originally running firmware 1.0 on the first netgear and then upgraded to 1.04 when I started having problems, the replacement from this week is running 1.03.

When its working the signal strength is good, when its not xp says that a wireless network is available but when you try to connect to it, nothing happens, in the meantime the netgear app for the pcmcia card is just scanning looking for a signal, a reboot of the laptop doesn't change things, a power cycle of the router does for a minute.

I have just this minute changed the channel again, signal strength is 78% as is quality and I have connection to the router but if i ping it only some get returned, others time out.

2 minutes and the card has lost connection again..................


Definitely an odd one. What wireless PCMCIA card have you got in the laptop?

Things I'd try next.

1. Assuming you're running Windows XP on the laptop then disable the fancy Netgear app and just let the built in wireless support in XP configure/monitor the card.

2. Set the router to operate 802.11b only and see if that makes any difference.

3. Change the speed setting on the PCMCIA card from auto to a forced setting such a 5Mbit and see if that makes any difference.

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