wireless network on HCPC??


fat tom

Ok I'm due to move into my new house and as its a bit of a posh effort the missus says I can't go drilling holes in wall etc for the network so I was thinking about wireless....

the question is what issues will this create will I have any interferience on my screen etc - I currently use a standard 28inch crt but will be moving to 42" plasma shortly.. also does the 11mb bandwidth support playing DVDs from a media server in the server room... :) (new house has a server room, sorry I am sad..)

anybody got any pratical experience with such a setup??


- Fat Tom -


You should't get interference, they're all tested and passed for that, not like cellphones!!! You do ont have the bandwidth t network play a DVD, even the latest 22mbit is tight/impossible.


I use wireless for my htpc, and see no interference even though the card is next to the tv.


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I use wireless and hardwired

Laptop and HTPC are both wireless
3 pc's upstairs are hardwired through a cable router/switch
2 printers hardwired through intel printserver.

Wireless is no good for streaming DVD so will be hardwiring the HTPC.


I have a wireless lan and the only thing it interferes with is my wireless tv and remote sender system (it uses microwave for the picture and radio for the remote control). I switch the lan off when watching TV in the bath & bed.

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