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Wireless Network Name Problem


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Really hope someone can help. I have got a big problem with my broadband connection. SKY is my broadband provider and I have two laptops using the network both connecting via wireless. I have no problem connecting or using the service, this works fine. However on the wireless network panel, if i click 'View Wireless Networks' it shows me all the networks in range. In the list there is my SKY network which shows as connected, then my neighbours plusnet which is fine but under that it shows another network by the name of shagster.

Does anybody know how to get rid of this?? I have been on the router settings and nothing shows. What I cant understand is this network showed up when I was with tiscali, when I moved to SKY it kept on showing. Also I have had 2 new laptops in the last 6 months so this can be a virus on my laptops. I know this is not a neighbours network as when I switch the router off at the wall both my SKY and shagster networks dissapear!!

Hope someone has heard of this problem and can help me.


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