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Wireless Network for Laptop - Design Help Needed


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I need some advice/help with changing my home wireless network.

I have a draft N laptop connected wirelessly to a BT Home Hub 2.0. I keep my photos, music and docs on my laptop and backup to an external hardrive that I have to connect to the laptop via USB.

However, I want to move all my data off the laptop and onto an external drive that I can access wirelessly (NAS? I have been looking at the Linkstation Live 1TB). I would also like to permantently connect this drive to a WD HD media hub so that I can download HD files onto it to watch on my TV.

Finally, I need to have a backup solution for this drive. I have a total budget of about £250 for both the main drive and the backup drive.

If anyone can offer any design suggestions on the best way to achieve the above I’d be grateful to hear them. Thanks in advance.


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I am now thinking of the LaCie Ethernet Disk mini 1TB as it has two USB connections. Will I be able to connect this to the WD HD media hub using 1 USB and connect to a backup HDD using the other?

Could really use some help with this before I part with my cash. Thanks.


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I would get something designed to be a secure back up rather than just another external harddrive - you can get a proper NAS for that kind of money

a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo would be my choice at that price point - you can put whatever drives in it you like if you get a bare chassis - 500 + 500 or 1TB + 1TB

that way you have proper networked storage, direct attach if you need it, backed up (mirrored) to another drive just in case, and every media server format there is


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Cheers Bogie. Thank you for helping. This approach looks ideal but after looking on the internet, a 1TB ReadyNAS Duo is about £500 so well over my budget (£250 total).

I really need a 1TB storage drive as I have alot of music and photos and will be using it to store HD files so I guess the question is whether there is a set up that is similar to the ReadyNAS that fits my budget and storage size requirements or should I stick with the LaCie Ethernet Disk mini 1TB (£150) with a seperate back up drive?




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I have just seen the Western Digital 2TB My Book Mirror Edition dual-drive storage system. It looks like it is exactly what I'm looking for.

Has anyone any comments on this drive?

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