Wireless network connection has disappeared. (XP)


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The wireless connection setting in "Network Connections" on my PC has disappeared.

All was fine until this morning after successfully reading and sending new e-mails and some browsing I left my PC running and returned approx an hour later to it to see if there was a reply to one of my e-mails. However it said the connection could not be made. I clicked on the wireless network symbol in the task bar and the status report said I was connected to my wireless router. However when I then viewed wireless networks it said no wireless networks could be found??

Somewhat confused by this I decided the best thing was to log off and restart the computer. When the computer re-started the wireless network symbol did not appear in the task bar and no internet connection could be made. I then decided to view Control panel - network connections, the wireless connection had disappeared!. Only the ethernet and 1394 options were displayed.

I then decided to do a system restore to a restore point a few days ago.

This completed successfully but there was still no wireless connection shown in the network connections window.

Where has it gone?

I am now using the ethernet connection via long cable. My wifes PC is working quite normally wirelessly with the router.


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Sounds like your wireless card went kablooie (or it's driver), especially if this is the windows wireless software in the tray and not one by the manufacturer of the wireless card (belkin, netgear etc.)

Check device manager and see if the card is still showing up there.


Many laptops with wifi built in will have a switch to turn off wifi to save battery power - could this be what has happened on yours?
On some laptops this is a physical switch on the front or side of the case, but on some it is done in software via a Fn key sequence - or both.



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Thanks to both responders.

This is a desktop and has a third party (Buffallo) USB wireless N transponder. with their driver.

However...you wont beleive this!....at lunchtime today after about the tenth re-boot and the second today - the wireless connection re-appears as if nothing had happened. So disconnected ethernet cable and am now posting via the wireless connection!

Do not understand this sequence of events?:confused::confused::confused::eek:

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