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hi all,i have just installed a linksys wireless router.and now want to connect my printer into the wireless network so i can print without wires,marvellous.can anyone advise on how to do it please,bear in mind i am 'pc challenged'.
i would also like to be able to transfer files between my 2 laptops wirelessly.


i'm afraid it's not as simple as that as more than likely your printer is USB and not ethernet, like nearly all home printers. It's also likely your Linksys router doesn't incoporate a USB print server either.

If you want to be able to print from any computer without having to have the printer connected to a computer that's switched on then you will need additional hardware. There are a few options, either a wireless router with an integrated server (probably not desirable as you already have a router) or a dedicated USB printer server like this one:


Or for a bit more you can match your hardware with a Linksys one:


An alternative is if you're in the market for a home NAS drive as many allow you to attach a printer to them and print that way. For a bit more cash you get a lot more for your money, the Linkstation is an example:


For me, I do very little printing at home so it's not much of an issue for me to transfer a file from one computer to the computer where my printer is attached so if you're only a light print user you might want to consider whether you really require this option or if it would just be a luxury.

To be able to transfer files between computers you just need to share out a folder on each computer where you want to transfer files to. Right-click on a folder and click on sharing and then you can use the wizard to share the folders. You should then be able to see the other computer's folder in My Network Places.


Also, it's best to check that any printer server as above is compatible with your actual printer model, it should list the printers it works with.
Not all work with all!

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