Wireless Network Adapter help!

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My wireless adapter hasnt been working for a week now as no light illuminates on the adapter. I called up Microsoft to see if they could send me a replacement but I was told I need to send the adapter back to them and email them with the receipt. I have sent the wireless adapter off but the only problem is that I have lost the receipt. I was wondering if anyone has a receipt they could send me a pic of. It would be well appreciated.:clap:


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My post was deleted so I guess a mod thought it was fraud too.

I don't really see how it could be fraud, not as though you can take it back to the retailer printed on the receipt to claim a refund (when the retailer was made up, if it weren't then yes, that would be fraud!) - Microsoft were the original manufacturer of said Wireless adapter and who would be the refurbisher or replacer.

I'm not trying to cause any arguements or trolls though, i'm keeping out of this thread from now!


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i deleted it, as creation of a fictional receipt for a fictional sale,from a fictional company,for a fictional amount of money,to gain a replacement item,is fraud.

it was a good one though,ill give you that.:smashin:

the OP would be well advised to either seek out a chequebook stub / bank-credit card statement / email receipt(if purchased online), etc as to proof of purchase,as they can be used legally as proof of purchase.
microsoft obviously want the easy way,with a reciept,but any of the other methods are just as good, and legal.
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