Wireless N connection for X360 feed from MCE

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Hi Guys

Im currently investigating how I can speed up wifi to my X360. I am currently using a Linksys 54g speedbooster network but found this can be slow at times when streaming live tv. I know the PC is up to the job and obviously the x360 is as well, so I can only guess its a network performance issue. To back this up, if im copying files over wifi to/from my server the TV goes REALLY jerky. By the way, at the moment I'm just streaming standard def and I really want to start streaming 720p.

As such, i'd really like to get the max wifi speed I can but sadly, I am unable to find a pre-N ethernet bridge. So my question is as follows:

Can I use for example http://www.broadbandbuyer.co.uk/Shop/ShopDetail.asp?ProductI D=4254 this to be used to bridge ethernet to wifi for the x360 and connect wirelessly to http://www.broadbandbuyer.co.uk/Shop/ShopDetail.asp?ProductI D=3733 which will be used as the main "hub", connection to MCE box and internet access?

Thanks in advance!! :thumbsup:
You could try the Netgear HDXB101. It effectively works as a wireless solution running at theoretical maximum of 200Mbps using your home's electrical wiring. Most people seem to have pretty good experience with only a couple reporting problems, general consensus is it is far superior to wireless in speed and consistency and is basically equivalent to a wired connection.
I looked into getting a new router and found three:

DLink DSL-2740B

Linksys WAG300N

Netgear DG834N

I realy wanted one that gives me the fastest wireless connection, supports dynamic DNS service and also supports ADSL2 which I think all three of the above do. Not sure which one i'm going to go for yet.
Thanks for the response Limblee, sadly though there is neither a access point or Ethernet bridge there though :(

Basically, i need to know if I can use a Wireless Access Point to route from its ethernet side over the wireless to a wireless router...
That looks good!

I'm guessing that I need two then, 1 cabled to the Modem/Router and 1 cabled to the X360 and job done!?

edit: Will this have any interference issues with my current 54g network? Still need two laptops to work and don't want to upset my neighbour :)
We do a kit which is 1 access point and 1 adaptor.

Connect the access point to the router, turn off the existing wireless, connect the adaptor to the Xbox.

Set it up with your existing SSID passwords WPA etc, and all your existing laptops will work into this just the same as before, with QoS it will recognise a video stream and give it the highest priority against other network traffic.

Or, you could just connect as above set to a different RF channel and use both wirelesses to try it out.

I should add that this is expecting your video serving PC is hard wired to the router, otherwise you will still have a weak link without QoS and would need another adaptor.

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