Question Wireless music streamer that allows multiple users?


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Hi there

Good morning - I am looking for some advice about a wireless music streamer that would be suitable for an office of approx 10 people.

The main requirement would be that the folk in the office could all access the playlist on their own PC/Mac, so each user could queue up 10-20 tracks at a time (trying to keep things democratic).

I used to have a Squeezebox classic and a Boom (both sadly missed), which I think would have been perfect as we could all have accessed the squeezeplay software through our browsers, and controlled the playlist.

Does anything exist at a reasonable (say £150) pricepoint?


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Which music service are you using ? There are many wireless streamers but not so many that you can queue music on. Sonos Play 1 could be a contender at that price.


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Hi hbomb37

Assuming you are still happy with the music services that the Logitech Media Server itself provides, there's no reason why you can't still use a Squeezebox type streamer and go with your original thoughts for controlling their playback. Even though new Squeezeboxes themselves are no longer being sold, there are several ways to get a very decent emulated one, eg:

If you're ok with building you're own cheap decent streamer - eg, you can't go wrong with following the advice on the only sticky topic in this Music Streamer's section:
Building a Raspberry Pi Squeezebox Player for £100

Otherwise if DIY is not you're thing, you can turn either any existing standard UPnP/DLNA streamer (from the hundreds of models that are out there) or even Google's latest cheap but decent Chromecast Audio device (£30) into a Squeezebox streamer by using the appropriate Squeezebox emulator plugin for the Logitech Media Server:
UPnPBridge (aka squeeze2UPnP)
Announce: UPnPBridge = integrate UPnP/DLNA players with LMS (squeeze2upnp)

CastBridge(aka squeeze2Cast)
Announce: CastBridge = integrate Chromecast players with LMS (squeeze2cast)

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great - thanks, I will look at those ideas.

So with something like the chromecast/castbridge, I can just plug it into the stereo, then everyone in the office can access the queue (once they have downloaded and installed squeezelite etc?) Sounds great if true.


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Indeed just plug the ChromeCast Audio device into the stereo - has both analogue and digital optical out. Support for the CastBridge by its developer Philippe (also developer of the UPnPBridge), via above relevant link, is excellent, BTW.
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