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Not sure whether this is available or not....
What I am after is the 'means' to stream music wirelessly (or bluetooth), from an existing Amplifier (Pioneer VSX-922), to either an existing speaker, or new remote speaker.
ie have the existing Amp, and spare speakers (don't necessarily need to use the speakers..), and would like to be able to connect a remote speaker, to be used outside, or downstairs.
I would imagine that it would probably need a sender unit plugged into the speaker output on the amp, with a receiver either built in to a portable speaker, or that a speaker can be plugged into....
Not sure if such a solution exists??
Otherwise, is there something for Android that can 'cast' to 2 systems (hifi + remote speaker), with no time differential between the 2 devices....
Thanks, in anticiaption!


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Chromecast Audio. Time differentials can be compensated for. £30 per unit. I use the optical out. You need to buy a short link to the amp do this,or alternatively use RCA connectors. Direct streamed services available including BBC iPlayer Radio and Spotify. I link my entire CD collection from my phone.
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