wireless mouse & keyboard for 2 pc's


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Here's my problem..........

I currently use a microsoft wireless keyboard and optical mouse with my main day to day pc..
They do the job and work fine and I like no cables on the desk.

I want to bring my other pc to the same desk which will be used exclusively to post process photographs.

I only have space for the one keyboard and mouse so how can I share between the 2 pc's.

I know I could just unplug the usb receiver and swap between the pc's but thats just hassle to me.
I recently thought my luck was in when I found a batch of 5 used receivers on e-bay but when I got them none of them worked!
Only cost me £3.00 so not too bad!

The only way I see is to buy another complete set of wireless kit just to get another receiver.
This leaves a perfectly good keyborad and mouse in the cupboard

Is there any other way you can suggest please before I go and buy?

Anyone know where I can buy a second receiver on its own?



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Hi,Microsoft do have quite a few different receivers for different mouse (which need to be paired to the mouse only)
I will suggest you get a KVM switch and plug the wireless keyboard and mouse into it (which you can click a button and switch computer).

Be aware that you might need to get a usb to PS/2 adapter (purple) for the microsoft keyboard (on your receiver you should normally have a usb cable and a green mouse cable) as most of the KVM are only support PS/2 port.


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On the reciever it only has a cable to plug into a USB port.
The receiver controls both the keyboard and the mouse.

I can't see how what you suggest will work but perhaps I am missing something.

If it works I'll go for it.

Can you elaborate just a bit for a thicko please:smashin:

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