wireless media sender question



i have not got a HD box yet but will be and hence this question.

i will be putting a smaller hd ready lcd tv in the bedroom and would like to stream from the sky hd box to this second tv. i suspect that the current media senders would not work well with a hd signal...

has anyone used a media sender with your HD box or is aware of one available?

thanks in advance

ps if i could also stream from a network NAS, movies etc, that would be even better


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You can't do it. Word on the street is that Sky will soon be releasing a device that will allow you to do it.


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I am planning to do exactly this.

I am planning to use component video baluns to pass the signal over cat5e networking cable.

It's not wireless, but cat5e is cheap enough if you can lay a couple of runs of cable .. i bought 1000ft (I needed about 80ft!) a tester, crimper and 100 rj45 plugs for £23 delivered on ebay.

just need the baluns now :)


Mr Mike

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Hi newbie here but thought i would share my experience with HD, bought me a Philips 15" LCD to hang on the bedroom wall, was going to just use the RF2 output as i have had it in both bedrooms and kitchen with magic eye for years but the HD box RF2 signal is not good and I only just found out that there is no Stereo sound. Decided to go wireless(Ferguson from currys £35) in my room and continue to use the magic eye for channel changing as the wireless sender is quite messy when connected for remote control use. I now have a perfect crystal clear picture and stereo sound in the bedroom, amazingly the little philips is so good that when on a HD channel the picture is mind blowing, ok its not HD and not that of the 42" Panasonic down stairs but i wouldnt spend the cash to make HD work so im well happy.

Normally very fussy but it is a second room, my main room uses Chord Signiture leads throughout to give an idea of my usual standard.

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