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Looking at the specs it seems quite limited in its scope. It could, and should, have been so much more. It only seems able to control a limited number of circuits, has pretty much a single scene (plus all on/off) which is whatever the individual controls are set to. No multiple zones (can't chain the repeaters together into other areas).

In the US they have RadioRA and AuroRA as well which seem far more flexible...but of course come with US-style controls. There is also a GrafikEye RA.

The AuroRA is a bit like the Milenya but with the crucial difference of having a "master controller" box, though that can't do that much. ie. it can't change the dimming level on any of the circuits, it just turns them to whatever is on the wall control. So you are still stuck with turning all your lights to the preset levels only, which may be okay if they are all in one room. If as suggested on the website you put the dimmers in each of your rooms then when you press "Favourite" or "All On" - they all come on at once (not very "green").

I could be wrong, but only the RadioRA looks like it has true multi-zone and circuit possibilities.

I really, really wanted these products to be better - maybe someone can say that I've got it all wrong and it is a useful product. BTW I haven't found anywhere that sells Milenya. But what we really need is the same products that are available in the US, with proper UK-style faceplates and backboxes.

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