Wireless LAN and TV playback.


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I have 3 PCs in different parts of the house linked via a Belkin Pre-N wireless setup.

Two of the PCs have MCE 2005 installed, the third hasn't. They all use USB boxes for digital TV (my signal is too weak for PCI cards). On all 3 machines, with the network enabled, TV playback is very choppy. There are frequent, irregular, momentary pauses with audio dropout. There appears to be something to do with the way the network functions that is affecting the TV reception or playback. I know it is the network causing it because if I disable it on the machine I'm watching, playback becomes perfectly smooth.

Playback of movies across the network from a NAS drive is perfectly smooth. Only the TV is affected.

Any suggestions much appreciated.



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What type of NICs (Network Interface Cards) are you using? If you are using USB NICs and they are on the same bus as your TV cards then that will be the problem.

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