wireless keyboard/windows laptop compatibility


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Daughter off to uni in France for one year, wholly different keyboard I am told. If purchased new wireless one(French) that also could pair with an iMac when home, could she pair it with a windows laptop en France , or is that a non starter. I assumed wouldn't be an issue, bluetooth ought to have connected without trouble, but Apple HE store unsure and feel might require software(? driver)that Windows may lack. Would be running XP. Before anyone asks, no she's not getting my Macbook!


There should be a driver (maybe even already part of XP/Vista) for the wireless Apple keyboard. Failing that (and you have an Intel Mac) you could try the drivers that you get via Bootcamp as my wireless keyboard works a treat on my XP boot partition on my iMac :)
BTW, you don't need to fully install XP under Bootcamp to get the driver disk. I'm sure it's one of the first options when running the Bootcamp program before it makes a partition on your Mac. You just need a blank CD for the driver disk.

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