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Hi. I dunno if i'm in the correct section but here goes..

My wife and I use a Belkin G mobile wireless router for our home internet. For the last while we've had connectivity problems. Usually after starting up our laptop we have 'excellent signal strength', yet no 'internet access'. We usually have to disconnect and reconnect the router a few times before we do get internet access. Even at that, after a random period of browsing (or chatting and playing games on facebook in the wife's case) it usually goes to no access again, yet our signal strength is still excellent. I don't mind too much, but the other half has been known to go into a withdrawal-symptom type rage. Please help me! I'm scared!


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I have just done so and changed my channel away from 11 cos heeps o' folk seemed to be on it!..

The thing is.. Our signal strength was excellent yet still we kept being cut off. Now on another channel the signal strength has lessened :s


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Try testing using a cabled connection from PC to router. If it's reliable, then you can infer that there's no problem with your router, broadband connection, IP addressing, etc. and you've purely got an issue with wifi connectivity.

There are other things that use the 2.4GHz radio frequencies in addition to wifi which InSSIDer doesn't detect, (you have to pay money for gear to spot them,) - video senders, cordless phones, baby monitors and microwave ovens are often cited as example. I've just been reading about someone who found car alarm that was causing problems!

Sometimes you just have to be a bit "zen" about it and accept the wifi is "just like that."
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