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Please excuse if this is in the wrong place, I couldn't find a specific forum for wireless home cinema. Like many people I don't want cables going around the room and think a wireless solution would be ideal. However I have a wireless Belkin router for my home network and wonder if one would interfere with the other?

Assuming no, then what package would offer the best sound? My budget is sub-£300. I already have a Yamaha YSP-800 and although it's got very clear sound it lacks proper suround sound.

Finally, I did look at a Samsung wireless system but it seemed to me that the majority of the speakers connected via cable to the DVD player. Is this normal with all wireless systems?


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There is no wireless surrounds as such. Rear speakers still need a unit plugged into the mains with wires feeding the rears.
All speakers if wireless would require mains connections as batteries could never do the job.
IMO wireless surrounds are a total waste of time. It is so easy to hide wires if you just think things through. Under carpet. Micro decor trunking and the list goes on.
Do yourself a favour and look at separates.


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Many thanks for the reply. I realise that the speakers would need power and have outlets in a handy spot for each of the rear speakers. I wasn't sure if the front speakers were usually wireless as well, or cable connected.

It's not practical to run cables across the room for the rear speakers, the floor is tiled with only a couple of slip rugs. There is no skirting board as such, therefore a conduit would stick out like a sore thumb. To make matters worse, there are two door openings in the way and cable or conduit would have to go up and over. It's for these reasons I bought the Yamaha YSP-800 but it was an unsatisfactory solution.

It's a wireless solution I'm afraid. Would it interfere with a wireless router and what is the best solution for my predicament?


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The front speakers in a wireless all-in-one system are still connected to the main unit by wires. The only wireless part of the system is the link between the main unit and the receiver which you’d place at the back of your room to feed the rear speakers.

I’ve never tried a wireless system myself, but based on other people’s opinions that I’ve read on here it generally seems to be the case that the audio quality suffers a fair bit during the signal conversion/transmission process. Personally, if I couldn’t have any wired rear speakers I’d probably put the money towards higher quality 2.1 system instead.

If you’re still fairly sure about going wireless, the best I can do is suggest you look around the major manufacturers’ websites (LG, Sony, Samsung, etc) to see what they have on offer. Most usually have one or two wireless systems on offer, or offer a wireless adaptor which you can use to convert one of their standard systems to wireless. Sony for example had their S-Air unit, but not sure if this is still on offer.

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