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I attached the schematics for the system i would like to create.
The system i want to create includes a wireless connection between the a/v receiver and the projector (optoma hd67) I want to install on the ceiling and a wireless receiver that can be used for connecting a pc/laptop to the a/v receiver via router (d-link n series). I've found some equipment that is similar to what I'm searching for: aten KE8220 The Leading KVM Switch Solutions Provider, ATEN and the asus wicast WiCast: Wireless 1080p Broadcast for Much Less. The problem is that i want to be able to transmit 1080p/i data from my pc/laptop and "120Hz frame sequential 3D for resolutions up to 720p" for 3d content.
If someone knows some equipment that can satisfy my needs i would be very grateful.
Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad English.


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You're going to have to run power cables to the projector so I don't see the problem in running HDMI too! Wireless HDMI simply never took off as it was too costly and with all the inherent problems with HDMI, perhaps it didn't work as well as it should. I don't know of any such equipment but I would bet that Joe Fernand in the cables forum would know. Ask him. 3D is brand new so I wouldn't expect wireless video solutions to be available just yet.


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thx for the reply,
The power cable is very close to the projector, the hdmi cable would be about 10 meters long and the tricky part is hiding it while it crosses the wall, the ceiling being no problem because it's doubled. I was wondering if there is a wireless solution that i can use in combination with my wireless router.
i posted the question in the Interconnects, Speaker Cables and Switches, thanks for the recommendation
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