Wireless Home cinema system - no need for inclusive dvd


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Hi - I'm looking to find a wireless home cinema system (preferably for not much over £300) that doesn't include a dvd......I've already got a philips dvd upscaler that plays movies via usb (found with everyone's help from here :thumbsup:) so don't really want another dvd player.

My system is:

Bush LCD 1080i tv (will be upgraded at some point but no rush!)
Xbox 360
Philips dvd player
Dvd recorder (no need for surround sound)
Sky + box
D-Link media player (probably no need for surround sound).

I've got a load of wires already from my stereo tacked around the walls, so don't really want any more if I can help it! I'd also quite like to be able to put as many of the above through the surround sound player as possible. Anyone got any recommendations? I'm a bit of a newbie/ dabbler in all this rather than a complete technophile so all help is greatly appreciated!




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So you don't want an all-in-one home cinema system. You want a surround sound system. Ask the administrators to move this thread to the correct forum and you might get some replies.

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Hello regandjuk

Wireless Surround Sound is a bit of a misnomer - you still require Power cables to each 'Wireless' Speaker point.

Wireless Surround is still in its infancy and quite expensive.

You may be better looking at the likes of a Yamaha Digital Sound Projector - this type of unit aims multiple speaker drivers towards your side walls to recreate the Surround affect all from a single box; see http://www.yamaha-uk.com/sound_projectors/



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Cheers guys - I'll try and get this put in the correct place! Administrators? Please?!

Cheers for the responses.



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before i move it..i would say,that All-in-Ones,dont have to come with a dvd player,in fact you can get an amp/speakers combo in one box,like the yamahaAV4101,or the 3101,or even the sony HTDDW890.
soundbars too,like the yamaha,are covered here.
so unless you want to go down the seperates route,(that will cost you far more than £300),ill leave this here till you come back with some more info on what you want.

and yes,i would stay away from wireless speakers.

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