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Question Wireless headphone system with good range and bluetooth connection for mobile phone.

White Monk

Active Member
I've been using a Sony MDR-HW700DS system for a while now and they meet my listening needs (mostly music) in most respects, but with two caveats:

1] When I pop out to the loo, the signal drops out.

2] I can't see a way of integrating it with my mobile.

I chose the MDR-HW700DS because they are over-the-ear, and are comfortable to wear for long periods, like a two hour concert. They also met my cost/quality criteria. Occasionally, when listening to a live broadcast like a radio play, I need a comfort break and miss part of the program due to signal drop out. I can't see a way of improving the wireless coverage of the base unit.

Being somewhat hearing impaired, I sometimes miss incoming calls unless I am in the same room as my mobile. I've fixed that by using a Ligo Bluewave in conjunction with my landline, as I have several DECT phones in our flat. The MDR-HW700DS doesn't appear to have any Bluetooth or mobile phone facility.

Is there any kit out there that has the same facilities as the MDR-HW700DS but has a greater wireless range and can be linked via Bluetooth to a mobile phone?


Senior Moderator
Signal range will be impacted by distance and the layout of your house. Presumably your loo means several walls / doors between it and the base station plus also the distance.

Is it possible to switch to a smartphone (internet radio) or a portable radio plus headphones and listen that way while you leave the room? Inconvenience of swapping is better than missing part of the broadcast.

White Monk

Active Member
I live in a brick-built flat - lounge at one end - loo and bedrooms at the other end, with a hall in the middle. Thinking out of the box, relocating the MDR-HW700DS to the hall could be a solution. It's only on an optical loop-through at the moment. I wonder if it's feasible to get some really long toslink 'cables'. Is toslink lossless like fibre?

Not really thought about bringing a smartphone to the party, but it makes sense. Which, of course, means looking out for another set of decent over-the-ear (wired) headphones for my phone!

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