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Answered Wireless HDMI Sender Kit Gaming Advice Needed


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Hi All

I'm after some advice as to what products would be worth looking into buying for being able to transmit an wireless HDMI signal from my Xbox One S to an HDMI TV, instead of having a long HDMI cable stretching across the living room floor.

I normally play my Xbox through my PC monitor, but every now and again I would like to be able to play it through my main TV. There are quite a few HDMI sender kits available on the market ranging from £70 to £200+, but I don't seem to be able to find any useful reviews on any of them. I was just wondering if any of you have had any experience of using these kits that you would be willing to share? The HDMI transmitter and receiver will be positioned within the same room should that info be of any help. I've also seen HDMI sender kits that use Cat.5e or Cat.6 ethernet cabling to send an HDMI signal from a source to a TV, which are obviously not wireless, but interest me nonetheless as routing a flat ethernet cable for it to be invisible would be something I could do, plus these are generally a lot less expensive than the wireless HDMI sender kits.

Any ideas, thoughts, advice and/or options available to me would be very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance


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Forget wireless HDMI, they are all rubbish.

Answered - Wireless HDMI for 4k

They are bad enough for Movies etc., for gaming , expect a lag of well over a second or more, completely useless.

If you want UHD/4K the only lossless solution is HDMI over fibre.

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Everything that @andy1249 said. Depending on how long a cable that you need, it maybe cheaper to buy a second XBox One for your other location.

Joe Fernand

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As above:

1. Move the XB1S as and when you need it in location 2.
2. Run a Hybrid Fibre HDMI cable for anything over 8m.
3. Add a second XB1S.



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Note that the fibre HDMI cables are pretty thin too so combined with a long length would be fairly easy to hide around the edge of a room.
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