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Moving house shortly and sadly I lose my lovely home cinema set up here as we are downsizing. As a compromise i'll be getting a 75 or 82 inch TV (wife thinks the 75 is 65 so shhhhhh) ..

My issue is the new place has lovely expensive tiled floors and all the Sky TV / Power for my Amp etc is on the wrong side of the room for how we want to lay it out. So I have 2 options - run a flat HDMI cable (assume they exist) round the edges but thats not going to look great or put a wireless hdmi extender in to beam it 10 ft across the room .

I favour the latter but having looked around the web I found this : Top 9 Wireless HDMI Transmitters of 2019 | Video Review

Be interested in folks views of these things and any recommendations - Ive got a decent budget for anything which will enable wires to be replaced.

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'Such high speeds are perfect for 4K' - so 'perfect' in fact that none of the reviewed units support 4K :)

Bin the review it's a pile of nonsense - at best Wireless HD is unreliable for 90% of the folk who have tried to use it and Wireless 4K is going to be heavily compressed.

Running 4K UHD any longer than 5m can be a real lottery with conventional copper HDMI and usually requires you to consider Fibre HDMI or, our preference, Hybrid Fibre HDMI.

Time to figure out how to get conduit and wires into the room.



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That link is a mixed bag.
Wireless HDMI ....yay! “ the best wireless HDMI...”

The problem here is that the best is not good enough.
Read down the link and it tells you why.

One works at 5ghz , it has to lossily compress and is prone to interference from phones.
Video artifacts are common and quality is adjusted on the fly to attempt to hold the connection.

The other is 60 ghz ,so full quality, but needs line of site , and dust motes and bugs will break the connection.

No wireless system is ratified by Both the above systems tried and failed and these units are B grade selloffs.
They are also 1080p only.

UHD is not possible with these.

Have you looked at HDMI over fibre?
Its a very thin cable , should be easy to hide.

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My view is they are all pretty much junk. Don’t waste your money. You have invested in nice AV gear, finish the job properly.

Ease your skirting boards off, measure the distance between devices around the edge of the room, add 2 or 3m and buy a Hybrid Fibre HDMI. Run it behind the skirting, there is nearly always a gap, and carefully replace. If you want it to look really nice, chop in some back boxes and install brush plates. A weekend project, or hire a CI to do it for you.


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Thanks everyone for that ..helpful information. Nobody mentioned possible HDMI over Ethernet (i think its prob only Cat 5e thats there ( 8 years old) - that an option or not given the cabling is already there?

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You could do 4K over HDBaseT if you had Cat6 but it would cost as much as Hybrid Fibre. Plus it is very susceptible to cable install and termination. Hybrid fibre is a tried and tested solution that you can undertake yourself, with a little patience.

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