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I've been recommending the wireless gaming bridge for some time.

Yesterday my boss asked me round to set his home wireless network up.

He currently has the standard Tiscali USB modem hun on the end of a stupidly long phone extension.

His sons 360 elite is not currently on line.

The nearest accesible phone socket is the room underneath the gaming / office room.

So, wireless gateway to sit downstairs, one of THESE and a bit of cat 5 to run to the PC in the same room.
Oh and a 12+1 XBL sub from good old Jasper1675 Xbox Live Store

This is the "successor" to the previous gaming adaptor.


Q1. Anyone used one of these yet?

Q2. Are they a :censored: to set up?

Ordered from ebuyer last night, arrived at 8am this morning! :clap: So i'm booked in tomorrow night to go and set it all up.

I'll post back with my experience on setting this one up.


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Finally got around to playing with this little sucker last night.

In the box:

Router, a mtr of cat 5 and an RJ45. Nothing new there then!

Initial setup seamed fairly easy, the setup wizard takes care of most of the usual bumf. Just make sure you have a read of the manual as to which mode you want the kit in depending on how you're going to be using it.

But, typically with wireless networking, things didn't exactly go to plan.

Ran through the initial setup all looking good, got to the "finish" page... saving settings - Page not found. The server took too long to respond.

Looked back over the settings, none of them had taken. Back through the Initial setup again - same.

Even the hardware reset button didn't want to do any work.

After 2 hours of running through the same settings, trying out the limited variables one at a time, I still couldn't get any settings to take hold in the configuration.

So phone call to tech support started at 9:55pm, they close at 10pm and after 45 minutes on the phone to them (that's 40 minutes after closing time! :smashin:) we both concluded that the flash module on the adapter is fubar.

Being returned to Ebuyer on Monday, replacement ordered. Hopefully I'll be able to get the settings to stick on the new one, and wont have any issues.

I'll let you know how I get on.


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So the new adaptor arrived yeterday morning. Hopefully this one will work.

Basic installation took all of about 7 minutes. I would say including reading time (RTFM) you could have a basic wireless bridge set up in under 15 minutes with this thing. It really is that easy!!

Two points to remember really when setting this up:

1. Read atleast the relevant parts of the manual for the way you want to use the device.

This device can be set up in a range of ways - for many uses. A standard gateway for ADSL users, a wireless router for cable users. A wireless client for bridging to existing wireless networks. And set specifically for VPN use.

2. Make sure you know all the settings for the current wirelss network if you intend to use it as a bridge. Changing settings after you have run the setup wizard when using it as a bridge is a real pain, as the DHCP is disabled and it asks the existing network for an IP. So gaining access to the web based configuration becomes somewhat difficult.

Other than that, it;s a great piece of kit for the money with a superb wireless range (Currently around 30 Mtrs away and 2 floors apart in a house built in 1900 - Meaning Stone walls, not plasterboard :) and plenty of features.

The 360 connected straight up with an open NAt on the leased IP previously set up. But even when using the DHCP on the 360 the Upnp works fine eliminating any connection issues with online gaming.

For the sake of £30 odd quid, if you looking to change your 360 connection to wireless, get one of these instead of the ridiculous £60.00 M$ charge for the official adaptor.

Zoom AP+4 Access Point Router with inbuilt GamePoint! Gaming Adapter

Link: Zoom AP+4 Access Point Router with inbuilt GamePoint! Gaming Adapter - Ebuyer


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I've got one of the Belkin F5D7330UK gaming adapters connected up to mine, works fine and recieves a good signal, never been to keen on ebuyer tho, customer service can be a bit iffy at times as with faulty products as you found out with the first one.
be careful with the one you have though, were getting alot of returns on zoom products.



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Any gaming adapter is preferable to being fleeced £60 by Microsoft for what is essentially a £10 USB wireless adapter.


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Just bought one from Zavvi yesterday as I noticed they were selling them for £39.99 so choose one for myself as a Christmas present off my mam :thumbsup:
I'm not that much of a techno so was a bit worried about installing it and configuring it for my router (Apple Airport extreme) but it was very very simple and found my connection straight away and from placing it in the back of the 360 to getting connected, it must have been less than a minute
No problems so far with connection and haven't noticed any slowness either. Played a game of NHL downstairs against someone online and didn't have any problems at all.


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I'm afraid I'm going to have to defend Ebuyer.

The service on my experience is fantastic, I phoned them over the return, they said no worries and the next day a new device was in my office and the old one returned. Then there is the office chair i ordered yesterday on super saver delivery (5 days) that arrived today (next day). Haven't had ANY problems with ebuyer.

Anyhow, back on topic..

The zoom device was a nice and easy installation for anyone who's not too techy, and there's plenty of extra features for those of us who know what's going on. Plus the phone call that went on for 40 minutes after tech support should have closed amazed me! :smashin:

Of course there is always the argument that if it worked in the first place, you wouldn't need tech support. But it's always nice to know it's there if you need it.

There are plenty of wireless bridge devices on the market. They all beat M$ and the £60.00 price mark on a USB wireless adaptor. This one is probably named to appeal to the gaming community. Still, works well, well priced and small enough to hide away discreetly.

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