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Wireless extender help and explanation needed


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:hiya:I'm intending to extend my wireless network so I can use it in rooms where it won't reach. I'm currently using a Netgear DG834GT (Sky router) which is upstairs in the study and have a WIRELESS-N 300 ROUTER WNR2000 to instal downstairs in the lounge where I have a wired network point connected to my Apple TV.

Before I do the install I just wondered if anybody had any tips and what I needed to do or should I just follow the Netgear wizard on the install CD.

Once installed does it mean I will have two wireless network SSID's available and I will just choose which one to connect to ?

We both have an iPod Touch which would be good to use anywhere and I'm waiting for a Notebook to arrive.

The current wireless network works fine within a certain range but doesn't cover the whole house and is pretty flakey in the Lounge hence the hardwired cat5 to the Apple TV. Although the Wii seems fine.

Not to hot on all things wireless and scared of upsetting what already works so many thanks for any advice.


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you dont want 2 wireless "routers" on the same network, otherwise you will be introducing unnecessary complexity into a simple home network (for a novice anyway!)

as a minimum you are going to have to switch NAT and DHCP off on the 2nd router ...so I wouldnt use the set-up CD at all ...it will just do basic stuff for you

...I presume by "wired network point" you mean you have a ethernet connection downstairs for the 2nd router ?

.. in future - remember it would have been much more simple to buy a device called a "wireless access point" which is designed to plug into and ethernet cable and provide wireless access in a location, rather than to "route" traffic between different networks


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Thanks Bogie,
Yes, cat5 cable from Router upstairs to lounge downstairs. :thumbsup:

Checking the Netgear site and it seems the Netgear WAP WG602 would be ideal. Happy to ditch the WNR2000 router as want to make this as simple as possible. Required range from where I intend to put the WAP is around 20 feet max with one internal wall in the way.

Would I still need a network switch between where the cat5 comes into the lounge and the Netgear WAP if I wanted to keep the Apple TV hardwired and also connect up a Bluray player that doesn't have a wireless connection. There doesn't seem to be any output network sockets on the WG602.

Am I ok to go for a cheap basic switch or should I be looking for something else ?
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