Wireless Digital Audio Sender via Yellow composite Video RCA connector?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by pesty_cat, Sep 22, 2004.

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    I've discovered I've been able to use a component video switch -- specifically the Cables-to-Go 4x2 switch -- to route coax digital audio. It appears any of the 3 component connectors (either R, G or Y) has ample bandwidth and signal characteristics to handle a typical digital audio signal as generated by any number of sources I've tried (Xbox, Scientific Atlanta Cable box, Soundblaster Live 5.1 card, Toshiba DVD player) to the coax digital input of my Yamaha HTR-5740 receiver.

    Now the question becomes is does your typical composite video signal path (the Yellow RCA connector) have similar bandwidth and signal characteristics to be able to handle coax digital audio? My guess is "yes" ....6 MHz video bandwidth should be plenty to handle a typical 96 KHz digital audio signal. But I have yet to try this.

    I'm specifically interested in transmitting a coax digital audio signal wirelessly via any number of readily available "A/V senders". (eg, Radio Shack's P/N 15-2572). These senders have the stereo analog audio (Red/White RCAs) and one composite video (Yellow RCA) connectors on the transmitter and correspondingly the same on the receiver. Typically, a 2.4 GHz RF carrier (some use 5.8 GHz) is use for the transmission.

    I can't seem to locate any (cheap) "senders" out there that specifically advertise digital audio capability. So, given the success of tranmitting digital audio over a component video path, I thought I would try going over a composite video connection (Yellow RCA) via a wireless A/V sender.

    Anyone out there already tried this?

    Thank You

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