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I bought myself a wireless controller for my Gamecube, and I chose the Playfree manufactured by 4-Gamers, because the official Nintendo Wavebird wireless controller doesn't have the rumble option.

I haven't tried the Wavebird, but the problem I'm getting with the 4-Gamers Playfree control is with the analog stick. On some games, you're supposed to get slow movement when you move the stick a short way from the rest position (eg slow rotation in Rogue Squadron 2) and faster movement the further away you move the stick (eg fast rotation). That's fine with the normal Nintendo control that comes boxed with the Gamecube. But with the Playfree, you don't get so much of this effect. It' more all-or-nothing, very much like the stick is touch sensitive. Thre's not much of a dividing-line between slow or fast movement via the stick. Does anyone else get this problem? Is that a design limitation with the controller? Or is it just a matter of me getting used to the new control?




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No such problems with the Wavebird, take that '4-Gamers' thing back as it sounds rubbish and get the official one..

tbh, the lack of rumble feature is an insignificant price to pay for one of the greatest console peripherals I've ever used..

The Wavebird is fantastic - the batteries are likely to last a hell of a lot longer as well.... :D


I agree, take it back mate and get a WaveBird - You really won't miss rumble much at all.

I've still to ever find a 3rd party controller that comes close to any offical Nintendo one - they just never get it right in my book


I think Dr.Rock has just discovered why many people stay away from 3rd Party controllers... While the exterior may look alright its internals are often a lot worse and with 3D games control is everything. Even more so with Super Monkey Ball ^_^ Get the wavebird mate since its perfect for footie/monkeyball/rogue/SSBM but not quote so for Eternal Darkness, Metroid etc since you need the rumble. Well worth owning at least one though.


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> Sorry if this sounds stupid, but will the Wavebird
> work ok with a US Gamecube?

I expect it will work. My friend bought a Wavebird from USA for his UK GameCube and it works fine. So I hope it works vice-versa.

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