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Wireless connection problems


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I am having problems with my wireless network in the house. I use my iPhone to connect wirelessly to my brand new Devolo wireless N homeplug. Sometimes everything works fine and I get a full signal to the homeplug, but sometimes it just drops off. If I go into the wireless settings on the phone, it is still there with a full signal and it says that it is connected, but it isnt.

This is also the case with the wireless router (BT Home Hub 2.0) that the homeplugs are connected to and was also the case with the wireless access point that the homeplugs have now replaced.

Also when I can connect, I can only download about 15mb worth of data before it just stops working. I then switch it off at the socket and back on again and then it will continue which is a bit of a pain.

Does anyone have any ideas? Hopefully there is just a settings issue on the router, but I don't have a clue on these sort of things.

Oh, and it also did this on my last iPhone, so it can't be a fault there.

Thanks in advance.
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Thanks for that, but reading up on it, I need a laptop with wireless capabilities for this to work, which I don't have. Is there any way it can be done without this?


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Not really, what you describe sounds like "interference" suffered by the wifi signals to/from your phone and AP(s) and/or poor coverage.

To assess that you need some form of tool with which you can survey your locale. InSSider runs on PC platforms, maybe there's and iPhone app. that avails similar functionality.

InSSIDer gets advocated because, whilst it's not the most sophisticated tool available (for example it can only "see" other wifi AP's, not cilent devices nor non-wifi interference sources) it's free and it pretty simply for a non-technical person to use.

Without a survey of your locale to assess what the problem is, it's difficult to determine how to fix it. You could try randomonly changing the wifi channel your AP(s) are set to, but without a survey you're basically guessing.
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