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Hi, I have only had my computer a few months now and I am currently using orange to supply my broadband, I have a little usb box with 2 lights on it, I have just been given an old laptop computer, a Toshiba AMD K6-2 450Mhz with 64 mb ram, I would like to use this to go on the internet anywhere in the house, a friend told me you can get a wireless connection to do this, what I would like to know is will my laptop be powerful enough to have a wireless connection and what equipment will I need to do this.

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Your laptop should be OK if the only thing you are running is a browser. i.e. don't try to use Word, Excel and play a game whilst browsing. You might even want to consider one of the alternative browsers like "Opera" which are much lighter than Internet Explorer.

As far as hardware goes you will need a wireless router, and a PCMCIA slot wireless adaptor or USB "dongle" wireless adaptor for your laptop depending on what slots it has.

The wireless routers normally have some wired connections as well as wireless available so you can plug your existing computer in to that which may need a network card fitting if it doesn't already have one.

Check any hardware you are buying for compatibility with your OS, I guess that laptop may be Windows 98?




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my laptop has the following slots

1 x VGA External Monitor
1 x Parallel Port
1 x Serial RS232 Port
1 x PS/2 Mouse or Keyboard Port
1 x Power Port
1 x Headphones/Line Out Port
1 x Microphone Port

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just looked on Orange website and they will sent me a live box which says It lets you:

connect up to six computers wirelessly so everyone can get online at once*
make cheap phone calls through your broadband connection
get up to 8 Meg speed (depends on where you live)

*if you computer is not wireless enabled you may need an adapter.

What is an adapter?

regards Keith

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