Wireless bridge questions


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Ok i've tried ICS, it worked ok but got moderate NAT. I've tried bridging through software and i get open NAT but my WLess keeps loosing its connection on the PC, I've tried all the usual things such as updating drivers and i've just about given up. I'm wanting to get it sorted pretty quickly for G.R.A.W on friday:thumbsup:

I'm now looking at getting a bridge. Before anyone recommends i get the official w/l apapter its not really suitable for me cos i'm on a budget, i need the usb port on back of xbox for my KVM and i'm constantly moving xbox between two locations (plug directly into router in 1st location)

Can anyone tell me why i shouldn't get an 11b bridge. In my second location where i'll be using the bridge i'll only be using live and possibly streaming music. All streaming of video content etc. will be done when i'm plugged straight into the router. The only thing that does concern me is that my 2nd pc which is also wireless is using 54g. Does anyone know if there is a problem mixing b and g networks, i've know it works but will it slow my whole network to 11b??

Also is there anything else i need to know before gettin a bridge, i'm probably going via ebay so i don't really want to be returning it.

Any help is appreciated, thanks
11b should be fine if your not planning on using Windows media center for streaming video at any point.


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Do you know if it will slow the 54g side of my network down, i thought it did that or am i just making this up?


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I've never had a B device on my network, but everything I've read says having a B device on a B+G network will slow the network down for G devices.


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Ok i found the answer to my question here

Anyone know if i'll come accross any other problems or is it simply a case of getting one, set up with ie then off i go??


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I've had a wireless 'b' network for 4 years now, and a 'b' bridge on my xbox and now my 360 for 3 years with no hassle. To get an open NAT I put the bridge static ip in the DMZ on my router (it's not the same IP as the 360).


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I think i'm go for a b device cos you can get some real cheap and it'll do all i want it to.

Randell can i ask have you DHCP disabled in order to get a static ip for your bridge or is this just how they work??

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