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I am currently using a Microsoft optical wireless mouse and key board combo.
However because the receiver sits at a different level to where I sit, it doesn't seem to pick up the signal very well. I have no where to put it which is the same level as the keyboard/mouse when I am using them.

So would a bluetooth mouse/keyboard be better?

And can anybody recommend? The cheaper the better - obviously dont want it to break after 2 days but am skint at the minute.



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from my personal expirience iv never had any problems with bluetooth or wireless keyboard/mouse. i currently have a bluetooth keyboard which has never had any proms so far.

but if you want something that will last i would reccomend a logitech keyboard/mouse. the prices range from about £15 to a stagering £150.

the reason why i would reccomend logitech is becuase they are very sturdy, the batteries last ages depending on which one you get and how much you use it.

hope this helps :)


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Hi Anth, considering the one you've pointed out, can I just check what the battery life is like on that unit?, I've had a blue tooth setup for a while, but hated it, so sent it back to Amazon, the battery life was terrible too, think I had a duff unit though.



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