Wireless AV from Canon HG10 using AV Sender - Help


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Hello All

I am trying to setup a live event at a church - broadcasting the events live on a TV and a Projector for a big screen. The distance is expected to be around 50m or even more.

I bought a Nikkai 5.8GHz AV Sender from Maplin. I hooked my RCA from Canon Camcorder to the tranmitter. The receiver is plugged into a TV which is not far away but about 15m.

Although I am not impressed with the reception (the quality from a HD feed isn't reflected on the TV), I could live with that.

Now my main issue - wirelessly taking the same feed to about 50m away. As you know church would have huge walls and especially it is ground stairs that I am expected to broadcast the event. The receiver seems not recevng any signal when I go to downstairs :(

- Is there any way I could improve the reception?
- How is normally done say for example for a live band? (broadcastng on Big Screens). I am sure they would go wireless too. Do you have any other gear (product) that I could use instead of Nikkai?
- If I want to run hard wired, is it advisable to do so? Also, not sure if I can get that long cable too - RCA cables.

Much appreciated.



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Agree with Senu. Domestic 'video senders' have tiny transmitters, compared with pro/broadcast systems. They are also use extremely high frequencies. The 2.4GHz versions can usually travel through walls better than the 5.8GHz versions, but can be seriously affected by any microwave ovens operating up to a quarter of mile or so!

For a wired 'Firewire' link that long, you'll need to look at repeater cables
Something like this: FireWire Active Extension Cable / Repeater Lead, 4.5m | LINDY UK I would think.
Whether they're actually any good at 50m+, I've no idea.......??


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Use a wired system
Wouldn't mind senu, however, the length of the cable might degrade the signal, I think.

I have hdmi and rca output from cam while the projector has just rca - I am sure there would be convertors.

Any pointers?


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I'm afraid the words 'broadcast camera RF links' and the word 'reasonable' rarely occur in the same sentence! :)

Companies like this:
Links Broadcast > Services & Equipment > Microwave and Wireless Camera Facilities make some excellent equipment, but cheap it's not!

The Firewire idea will only work with a DV or HDV camcorder, and from what you say, you do not seem to be using one of those.

Might like to look at composite or HDMI video amplifier to extend the range for a wired system?
These people seem to do some reasonably priced kit: Composite Video

Might be worth giving them a call, and tell them what you need to do?

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