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hello my name is Conner im new to the website. I got an xbox360 arcade for my Christmas then i bought an adaptor and xbox live. When i got my adaptor i put it in and in my system settings,configure network,basic settings it only has Ip settings and dns settings. Im wondering why i dont have wireless mode, and when i put my little brothers in it works fine and comes up with wireless mode and is green. I know my adaptor isnt broken because it was green at start and then when i turned it of it went back to normal. All my internet settings are fine and that but i just dont know what to do because it works fine when my little brothers adaptors in btw my little brother has xbox 360 normal 1 and i have the arcade. Please could you help me anyone?

write back as soon as possible.


Are the two adapters the same type? If so, maybe yours is faulty. If your bro's works without you changing any settings, but yours doesn't, then I think that might be the case.

Have you tried using your adapter on your brother's console? If it works on his, perhaps you could just swap.


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Do you need the wep and wpa to get wireless mode ? if you do how you do that ? if it is thats the problem i think. and sigma i have done all that m8 please reply as soon as posible ciaran or sigma
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