Wireless access point?

Cornish Zulu

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I am hoping that somebody out there can help me with a networking question.
I currently have BT HomeHub which doesn't seem to give a very good wireless coverage to the whole house whisch is already fully wired with cat5, so I wanted to be able to run another wireless router I have from the living room, I already have Cat 5 run from the study to the lounge so I can connect the two via ethernet.
I then want to be able to connect ethernet to my TV and also be able to pick it up wireless.
As I have now tried for nights to reconfigure my netgear router to work as an access point with no joy.
I guess my stop is a wireless access point? Do they have the ability to take ethernet connections as well as extend the wireless network?
Currently my iphone wont find my wireless network in the lounge.

Any help or advice on what type of wap to buy would be appreciated

Chris Muriel

Distinguished Member
You haven't stated which model of Netgear router; someone here may have experience of setting it up as an AP.
Yes, APs can work with an ethernet connection to them - that is in fact the best form of backhaul for them.
If you want both WAP and ethernet connection I would recommend adding an ethernet switch, which the link back to your Home Hub can plug into with a patch cable going from switch to WAP. The spare switch ports can then be used for the ethernet connection when desired.

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