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    I have contacted Philips HONG KONG regarding this product SBCVL1400 . They do not stock it. I would like to purchase the product, but would like to be 100% sure that it works well & will be compatiable with Hong Kong TV & Cable signals. We also use Broudeband TV, will this be compatiable?

    The reason I need it is because Im installing a 42" plazma on a ramote wall. The ONLY thing available to me is a power socket. The nearest TV cable, telephone line & Computer is7 metres away through a structural wall 2 feet thick. I cant cut into it to lay cables, & hence I need this wireless system.

    Does it support Digital Dolby DTS Sterio surround sound? What will the quality of the picture be like versus directly connecting the TV into the TV cable socket? If I play DVD's with the wireless system, is the quality just as good as using digital cables?

    As you can see I have many questions. I want to make sure it is the correct equipment because England is a long way from Hong Kong if I find out it does not work.

    Im looking forward to your reply.

    Many thanks for your time


    Richard Clausen
    (Hong Kong)

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