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Ok have just decorated the downstairs and put the home entertainment centre back together, have the Sony TV connected wirelessly , the PS4 wirelessly, the VM box hard wired, the DVD player wirelessly, all my cabling comes through a small hole from the home office in to the back of the centre, so I only have one ethernet cable at present, everything works fine the PS4 has a speed of 54MBS , the TV shows 5 green bars BUT having just decorated and wanting to get everything spot on I was thinking of getting a 4 port switch and connecting via the lounge side and using the one Ethernet cable that I have through the wall to connect the switch and then running hard wires to the PS4, TV, DVD, I have alway believed that hard wired was best however the wife is like "it all works fine leave it I don't need any more cables ?" not that she does any of this and you cannot see the cables unless you climb over the TV, also just about everything is now going wireless so am I a dinosaur and should I just leave as is or should I aim for in my mind utopia and sneak an order in to Amazon for a 4 port switch while she is out shopping ??.
Photo is supplied to show the front of the system, its 2 tier so the boxes sit under the main shelf so the wires are buried but saying that if you do look behind there are plenty to see !!.

Virgin Media Broad band 100MPS
Sony Oled 4k TV
Sony PS4
Sony Blu ray DVD player.
Sky player not (used)
Cambridge audio 5.1 surround sound.


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Why spend money you're going to see no effect from?

Wired is better, but if wireless is good enough that you're not having any problems then there's no reason to change the setup now. You can always do it later if you need to, ethernet switches aren't going anywhere.
Gap between shelves appers very narrow to provide good ventilation to stbs.


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Gap between shelves appers very narrow to provide good ventilation to stbs.
@davemurgatroyd2 It appears narrow as the top shelf overhangs the bottom shelf, I did not want the fronts of the equipment to be showing but from the sofa sitting you can see them all and the remotes work fine, there is plenty of space above each one and each side for ventilation trust me I pull them all out each week to dust.

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