Wired headphones to TV without 3,5 mm out and to control volume with TVs remote!!!


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Hello everyone. How can i connect WIRED HEADPHONES to my TV that does not have a 3.5 mm port so that i can perform volume control with my TVs remote control??? Can optical out or HDMI arc? I know of a DAC variant that has its own remote, also a wireless variant but due to the audio delay problems they are out of the question! just wired!!!


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Optical to analogue is probably your only viable route. That’s fixed audio level, but headphones with a volume control might work. Does your TV have L/R audio out phono sockets? If so, you might be able to use those. What about Bluetoot?


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Don't really recommend headphones to the TV but more so if you got a Sky or Virgin box since it introduces that hiss with the 3.5mm headphone connection.

If your TV has optical output, its much cleaner and accurate and without the hiss. I have my TV connected optical out to an Topping DX3 pro headphone amp/dac with remote so can control the volume and inputs via the remote easily. There are probably many amp/dac with remotes out there though or get one off ebay, its always going to give off the better quality sound.

You could perhaps even get an AV receiver with optical in and remote, but the actual headphone
out on them are not as good quality as a dedicated headphone amp/dac.

Bluetooth imo is still a tad messy, even with the improvements in codecs I still found the latency and lag appeared at times, nothing beats wired imo its just more simple and works.


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What about HDMI EXTRACTOR ??? Has anyone tried how it works and is it reliable? ARC-3,5 MM out and HDMI-CEC ??? So the sound can be controlled from the tv remote.


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Your query was answered in your earlier identical post.

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