Wired Headphone recommendations under £75


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Hi All,

First time poster in this section of the forums.. I am not a headphone user so could use the experts advice :)

As the title suggests what would be the best headphones to look out for under £75. I am looking to purchase a new pair for my Dad, ideally they should be wired, however wireless could be an option, however he is blind, as such is limited to what he uses them with, mainly and 'old style' portable hifi or DAB radio which do not support Bluetooth.

A few other musts:
Need to be over ear, so no in ear options​
ideally have a long cable at least 2m, however i am aware that we could get an extender, however due to him being blind, if the cable gets unplugged from the extender it would cause issues.​
They will be mainly used to listen to radio and Audio books - generally talk, however he does enjoy listening rock, blues and country music.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations


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If you can stretch a little bit, currently at a major online retailer, the Yamaha HPH-MT5's are going for £83.
No idea how they are, but reviews seem positive, and I have a set coming to try at the end of the week.
If your budget is maxed at £75, the Edifier H840 seems to have favourable reviews too, and comes in at a tad over £50 from the same place.


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Philips Fedilio x2/hr. they crop up for around £99 every couple of months.

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