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ok i have my amp back all fixed but i am having some problems
i have too many bits so i have to have a A/V source selector and wire it all through that

the problem i have is when i connect my freeview and video to it i have tried loads of cables and most dont work the only one i have found to work through it all is a s-video-red-white phono into the box and a yellow-red-white phono into a scart adaptor into the back of the video and freeview thats the only way that worked.
my question is why wont a straight scart to s-vid-red-white phono cable work what is different cos behind it looks a right mess and cant be good using all these adaptors and everything!

please someone help me as its a pain in my neck at the moment cos my girlfreind is moaning she cant watch her videos!
please help me

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