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Nov 13, 2003
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Please help.

Can someone fill me in with the beginning of “Wire in the blood” that was shown last Thursday (12/02). I asked the dreaded in-laws to record it for me but as usual no bloody beginning of the programme.

On my tape the programme starts where Robson Green helps a women wearing a light blue anorak down from a white van (I think it is) standing next to a WPC and he say’s to the women “ Tell us what you remember, take your time” then the next shot is where the camera pans over some hills and a helicopter appears.

The next scene is where you some guy is covering a girl in a white jacket with earth in a shallow grave. How much have I missed approx and could someone fill in the beginning for me.

Much appreciate any input.
I wasn’t paying much attention but from what I remember you did not miss much.
Some students were having a drink at a bar, one of the girls separates from the group and goes to catch a bus and it shows her at the bus stop/shelter (the camera view is from across the road) it then shows a bus passing the stop and it does not stop, when it has passed the shelter is empty. The next you se the girl is tied to a chair and her hair is being cut.
When they found her body there was an other close by.
Thanks Garrett.

According to my tape counter I got 1 hr 8 mins of the show.

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