Winter filming!



Now that we are in the depths of winter with ever dark evenings with absolutely no chance of being outdoors, I am itching to get out there what sort of stuff are you guys filming these days?


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I Know what you mean! I have just brought the sony HC3 and can't wait to do some test shots with some sun light or even cloudy will do, I just need some light! I bet fireworks would have been good to film thats about it for winter i guess. Have fun!


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As long as you're out in time to catch whatever little daylight we are afforded these days you should be able to get some decent stuff. Images may appear a little flat and dull, but cloudy days have the advantage making the sky act as one enormous soft-light which should give you very evenly lit pictures.
Winter days with a bright sun low on the horizon are more interesting to shoot in, but have all the problems of extreme levels of contrast and overexposure/shadowing that one might expect.

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