Winter dashboard update caused E68 error


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Yup, i downloaded the winter update on the 22-23rd of December and while i was navigating the new dash it froze, rebooted and got an E68 error.
I rebooted and it was fine for a few days then today it's come up again and won't go away.

I'd happily get a new harddrive but my 46 hour Skyrim save is on there! i HAVE to recover the save somehow, i enabled cloud saving after i saw the first E68 error but it has synced to a rubbish old save so would still lose about 30 hours.

Please, somebody say it'll be ok!


If you've got a transfer cable, you can try hooking the hard drive up to your PC and using XPort 360 (or similar) to get your Skyrim save off there.

Dinky Dragon

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Moral of the story!


DJs is the only method, it will work :p


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Thanks for the replies. So using the Xport software can i put the save onto a 360 formatted usb drive and go from there? Now i'm off to the classifieds to seek a data cable!
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