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No, I'm NOT going to ask THAT question. However, I'd like to know if someone has good links to websites that have some analysis, statistics or other data to help me figure it out myself.



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Originally posted by rauer
No, I'm NOT going to ask THAT question.[/B}

Phew, no long circular thread then :D

The answer to your question is ALL, they will be no such thing as a "winner". Branded DVD+R and DVD-R media are about the same cost now, same for DVD+RW and DVD-RW. DVD-RAM media is more, but has the option for double sided media right now. DVD-R will not go away, been used for yonks in video editing, neither DVD-RAM, used for a while in PC archiving, nor DVD+R, recorders available on the high street and seems to be selling well. In about a month sony are selling a PC drive doing + and - ! DVD-R and DVD+R compatibilty in new DVD players about the same. I think you get the picture it's up to you which format you like, depending on their small differences some of which include DVD-R unbranded media very cheap, DVD+RW can be re-recorded without formatting and DVD-RAM can record/playback at the same time.

Sites like have discussions of "plus" media, obviously biased. has links to many other sites.


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I agree with Xeonic. I think all the existing formats will be around until such time they are all replaced by a superior format. Blu-ray perhaps. But that may be a case of promises promises for several years. As Xeonic suggests, choose the format that suits your personal needs. My choice as a matter of interest is the Panny RAM/R format. Brilliant piece of kit. Malcom.

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