Winning Eleven Help Needed


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Just bought the game, first time i've played it as i'm a fifa boy!

Can someone help me out with the basic controls, i'm getting really frustrated, everytime i think i know what a button does the next time i get it wrong, please help!



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Assuming same controls as UK Pro Evo (PS2)

With the ball (default controls):

X - pass on ground
[] - Shoot
/\ - Through ball
O - pass in air / cross when level with area
L1 - Switch Player
R1 - Sprint

For crosses, press once for far post, press twice for near post, and three times for a low hard cross.

Holding L1 when performing a through ball or shot, will produce a lobbed through ball or shot.

Without the ball:

Triangle - bring keeper off line (use for 1 on 1s)
Circle - sliding tackle
Cross - non-sliding tackle / win ball
Square - call another defender.

This covers a tiny amount of what's available, but should get you started.


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thanks silverback that should help, all i need to do now is find a translation for all the menu's, any idea's




download pc demo . open game on pc and do same on PSP with WE9. Settings are the same just copy what you do on the pc on your psp


the demo is everywhere (try konami site) , i have had the english names for ages, u need to copy the file into the saves directory on your mem card


Just a couple of questions...

When taking a free kick, is there any way to bend the ball or make it dip more... if I just use the square, it either hits the wall or goes well over... it is just me or is there more to taking a good free kick?

Also was wondering what the horizontal bar was next to players names (well next to their position) whilst in the game, they seem to change during the game but i haven't got a clue why...


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