WinMX - what you see isn't always what you get


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I have been downloading music from WinMX after reading some earlier posts here. Santana Shaman was appealing but I've found after several attempts that what's listed and what's downloaded are very different. I now have yet another copy of Band On The Run on my PC!


Happens sometimes. Its because people mislabel the ID3 tags. Annoying as hell when you spend ages downloading a file only to find out it isn't what you wanted at all. :mad:

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I think the record labels put out rubbish to fool the public I ordered Bon Jovi's latest album from America before it was released over here, and then thought I would download it off of the net for the missus to listen to before she got the original, I found all the tracks but they were one all the 15 seconds of the same track played over and over again.

If you go to the folder that you are downloading your file to, double click the file and have a listen to what you've downloaded so far. That's what I do first to make sure it's the right file.

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