Wingsuit proximity flying


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Many of you may have seen the videos I post up of the guys I work with skimming inches away from the rock face as they buzz walls at over 100mph hour in a wingsuit...

Well, arguably the best guy in the world at this is my boss, a guy called Robert Pecnik.

We've just put this interview together with him talking about why he does it, where he see's it going, and an interesting story about his hamster when he was younger...

Check it out here, it's quite interesting, even if you're not into the sport :)

Blue Skies Magazine - Interview: Robert Pecnik on Vimeo


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Its not a sport! Its brilliant madness, mixed in with tremendous skill and daring.

Truely amazing and you can tell him I said that !! :thumbsup:


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It gives me no pleasure or smugness whatsoever to write this but your boss will die doing that one day - and I'm not talking about him sewing seams with a sewing machine.


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Fantastic - I used to jump until about 10 years ago and I had the pleasure of meeting Adrian Nicholls and Patrick De Gayardon whilst they were still experimenting with wingsuits.


Yea, it's good.

BUT, the guy in the Jet wing, Breitling sponsored gear is so much more fun, no offense btw.

I did see a vid of a guy kill himself with these Squirrel suits, they were 2 up and one of them hit a bridge, nasty business but it's the risk the Adrenalin junkie takes, I guess.

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