WinDVD + PowerDVD Issues


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can someone help please..

I have been testing both of these products and am quite impressed with both - WinDVD imho gives the better picture quality, however I have an issue with both.

Sound quality is excellent, however both fail to produce a centre channel dialogue nor will either use the S/PDIF out. I am connecting to a Sony AMP with an optical - all I seem to get is pro-logic rather the DTS / 5:1 without centre [barely audible]. all other channels are fantastic.

If I select 5:1 everything goes very quiet

I am using a RAD9000 Pro and Fortissimo 3 sound card.

ideas anyone?

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I'm not entirely sure, but if you are using the trial versions, then from what I recall, these don't include 5.1 or DTS capabilities.
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