windvd dts problem


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Hi all,

I have been testing dvd player software to see which one to use for my first HCPC. Using ATI 9600se and M-audio dio2496 spdif output.

I would actually prefer to use zoomplayer as its seems the most configurable. Trouble is if i use that or PDVD or Sonic Cineplayer they all work until you pause them then the sound either then goes all choppy or its out of sync by a few seconds.

The only player that works with no playback problem is windvd5. The problem though is that i can not get it to pass a DTS signal through the spdif port DD works fine.

Even stranger well to me any way, is that if i use zoomplayer with the windvd plugins DTS works, but then have the problem described above if i pause or change chapters etc.

So has anyone have any ideas what any of the problems are? and does windvd just not suport DTS?

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