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So 1 week ago I noticed a chip with some small cracks coming out of it on the passenger side of my windscreen, so I phone up Autoglass to book an appointment, get to the point where they ask who I'm insured with and I say "Hastings". Turns out they don't deal with Hastings direct so I'd have to phone them up and find out what the deal is... after 35 minutes on hold trying to get through to someone they tell me they use Auto Windscreens and give me an 0844 number to phone, I go on the Auto Windscreens website and call the 0800 number there.

The first appointment they have free?
Tuesday the 6th (8 days from when I was calling). I asked them if this is going to be an issue with the windscreen cracking any further as I don't really want to pay for a replacement, they said it should be fine.

As you can already guess, it wasn't fine, I've now had to phone up and tell them I need a replacement and it's going to cost me £65 now.
Are these places really THAT busy, that they can't get any appointments sooner? :(
Pretty annoyed that it has cracked further as I thought it might and now I have to pay more.

I'm sure that when I had a chip done with Autoglass once that they came out a day or two later to do it :(

Has anyone else had issues when waiting for a repair?


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I had to wait 24 hours for a chip/spider crack to be filled, but they did say to be careful in the meantime, as the crack could grow if going over bumps etc.

A day or two and at any location you specify (i.e. work) is the norm in my experience.


The weekend I got my car, I got a chip on the windscreen.
Big enough to be annoying to passengers, but allegedly too small for auto glass to repair.
Go figure that one out.
So a small chip would require windscreen replacement.

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