Windscreen dilemma


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Hi all,

I've got a huge crack in my windscreen which just came out the blue. I only have 3rd party fire and theft insurance so the windscreen isnt covered. Ive got a few quotes and the cheapest i can get is £326 which i just cant afford. I was thinking of cancelling my current policy and then applying for a fully comp plan. Ill only be charged £55 for cancellation and the windscreen excess charge is £75 so its alot cheaper route. Firstly is this legit or a :nono:

Thanks in advance


If you cancel your policy then take out a fully comp plan that is your perogative . To do it in order to have the screen replaced , well , if that is what comprehensive covers so be it I suppose , your paying the cover cost to be covered for such an event .

If you stay with the same company though then claim they might smell a rat .


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For 326 quid, I presume it's a heated screen or something? Cos that's pricey, unless you only checked with the big boys.
Check with independants or lacal smaller companys. Hit!

Greg Hook

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If the windscreen costs £326, what is the car worth? Surely you should have comprehensive cover anyway?

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